Barbara Rush Fine Art

Barbara Rush Fine Art



Barbara Rush is a very colorful and structured award winning acrylic artist. Her work has been influenced by cubist artists such as Picasso, Albert Gleizes, Juan Gris, and Jean Metzinger, but her style is uniquely her own. When creating her art she always completes the backgrounds first, using heavy bodied acrylics with impasto techniques and dry brush or glazes to finish the layers. She allows herself complete freedom in the background in contrast to the tight forms that are used to convey her subject matter. Ms. Rush currently resides in Roswell, GA. She is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia and was educated in fine art and graphic design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Old Dominion University (VA) and a Master’s in Advertising (Design) from Syracuse University (NY). As a practicing graphic designer, her art is heavily influenced by lines, grids, and shapes.

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Categories: Visual Arts

Zip Code: 30075

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