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Charlotte Williamson

SIDEWAYS is the only professional contemporary dance company in the Roswell area. By presenting dance in an emotionally accessible way, we change “non-artists” into dance lovers. We tell the stories of our community so we’d love to collaborate with other artists & organizations to share their cause in a different way. We succeed when we make our audience feel something, regardless of their past experience with dance.

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Collin Alexander Brown

Collin is a piano player, singer, actor and founder of Creative Performance Therapy utilizing the arts within memory care and dementia facilities to engage and entertain.

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Big Chicken Chorus

Big Chicken Chorus Marietta, GA Chapter, Barbershop Harmony Society mktgsalesvp@bigchickenchorus.org http://www.bigchickenchorus.org The Big Chicken Chorus In April of 1986 “The Marietta, GA Chapter of S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc.” was chartered to operate as a Chapter of SPEBSQSA (d.b.a. Barbershop Harmony Society) including authorization to use their IRS 501(c)(3) status, and was registered with the Georgia Secretary of

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Adena Brumer

Wild Iris Rose is a feel-good duo that performs to bring joy, fun, and great music wherever we can. We’ve been together for six years and play all sorts of music with terrific harmonies and a lot of humor. You’ll love us!

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Courtney Cutchins

We offer specialized vocal coaching and voice lessons in singing & speech, songwriting and creativity. We provide a fully-customized, holistic and heart-centered experience based on science, intuition and imagination – helping you fuel your creative spark and use your voice with greater freedom and power.

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Ashlyn Stallings

AWP has been around for almost 40 years and we pride ourselves and bringing the performing arts to all! As a nonprofit, we provide scholarship opportunities to kids, teens and adults from all walks of life. The company provides professional training with an emphasis on being good and empathetic human beings. Art can change the world.

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Lucy Gross

Bach to Rock Alpharetta’s goal is to enrich the local community by offering a premium music education. We offer private lessons, group classes, birthday party experiences and, camps!

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Diane Duane

AlmostHome Yoga serves to inspire us to be great stewards of our whole selves by teaching wellness of body mind and spirit through yoga and movement, by motivating others to cultivate resilience and equanimity, and by (re)creating spaces that challenge us to offer our best selves to others.Yoga for whatever community you find yourself with,
whether it’s an everyday setting with your co-workers,
a special occasion with your artistic community,
or a once-in-a-lifetime event with your bridal party.
AlmostHome can bring the benefits of yoga to you!

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Meg Mitchell

I have a degree in industrial design from Georgia Tech and started my freelance career drawing chalkboard menus, event signage, and building small home decor pieces. I like to say I don’t say no to many requests, so I started doing calligraphy, glass engraving, and more large murals. My favorite projects are hand-drawn restaurant menus, painted exterior logos, and murals, so I would love to do more of those.
Thank you!

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