ArtAround Roswell 2019 Sculpture

Celebration by Cecilia Lueza

Generously sponsored by:  Synovus

Location: Riverside Park East

Materials:  Polychromed aluminum
Dimensions: 12’ X 5’ X 12’
Cost:  $35,000

Celebration is a playful, free-standing sculpture inspired by happiness, innocence, and freedom.  It explores the visual effects of color and movement.

Argentine-American artist and sculptor, Cecilia Lueza, studied visual arts at the University of La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Her work is a personal expression of her lifelong fascination with the visual effects of color and the concepts of space, movement, and transition. Through a meticulous and careful process, she strives to create unique works of art of great visual impact.  Today, she is well known for creating vibrant public art pieces in a range of mixed media. 

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This is the artist’s second time in ArtAround Roswell.  Her sculpture “Dual Nature” was featured in 2018.