ArtAround Roswell 2022 - 2023 Temporary Sculpture

Sunrise / Sunset

Matthew Duffy | Washington, DC

Location: Variant Brewing Company

Materials:  Welded stainless steel, low VOC enamel
Dimensions: 6′ x 6′ x 2′
Available for purchase: Contact Elan@RoswellArtsFund.org to learn more.


I operate a project-based Art practice. Each past Public Art project has been different aesthetically, and thematically, and has required vastly different technical skills. This has been an advantage, however: First, I have the skills/experience to complete any project from large figurative bronze sculptures to huge panels of steel and kiln-cast recycled glass. Second, other artists hire me as a fabricator and I am proficient in collaborating with a range of personalities, viewpoints, and needs. Finally, I often work in a site-specific manner; letting the context of the community and the site/project goals, dictate the final result. However, I often combine site-specifics with the semiotics of archetypes; universally understood objects or symbols, and their related ideas, concepts, and meanings.

To achieve this paradoxical balance I use cutting-edge technology like laser-cutting, 3-D printing, and CAD modeling, with traditional aesthetics and methods of sculpture making.

This sculpture is angular planes of welded stainless steel allude to the form of a rising/setting sun.

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ArtAround Roswell 2022: Sunrise/Sunset