ArtAround Roswell 2019 Sculpture

Tangled by Fred Ajanogha

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Location: Old Mill Park 

Materials:  Stone
Dimensions: 84” X 48” X 48”
Cost:  $19,000

Tangled is a cast stone sculpture of two intertwined fish sitting atop a domed base. 

The concept for Tangled came to the artist while he and his family were walking along the Chattahoochee River watching turtles and small fish along the bank—far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It was at that moment the artist was reminded that, no matter how modern and technologically advanced we become, no matter how many differences we can count between us, our spirit and our community will forever be intertwined with nature and with each other.

Through the artist’s abstract artwork, he expresses and communicates his feelings by blending realism with stylization, thereby achieving a direct and clear message to his audience.  Most of his artworks are figurines which say a lot about his background and training as an artist.  He grew up in Benin, Nigeria, a community where bronze casting is a common process by which artworks are produced and are known as Benin Bronze.

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*This is the artist’s second time in ArtAround Roswell.  His sculpture Reception, purchased by Roswell Arts Fund is now permanently on display at Roswell Riverwalk